LightForce 3D braces

At Clear Orthodontics, we utilise the latest orthodontic technology to provide the best results for our patients. That includes the use of LightForce™ 3D braces, the very first completely custom 3D-printing braces.

LightForce™ 3D braces
What are LightForce™ braces?

What are LightForce braces?

LightForce™ braces are the most accurate and efficient braces on the market. That’s because we can customise the shape, size, and position of the bracket for each and every one of your teeth.

We 3D print your brackets to match your tooth colour for extra discretion, and because they are printed to match your exact prescription, they provide a precise and comfortable fit.

How do LightForce 3D braces work?

LightForce™ braces work just like traditional braces, with a series of brackets affixed to your teeth, a metal archwire running through them, and elastics holding them together.

When you visit us for your free consultation, we can use our digital scanner to make a model of your smile. This accurate digital model will help Dr Duncan plan your treatment from start to finish and design your custom brackets.

Over the course of treatment, we will have you visit us for adjustment appointments, so we place gentle, targeted pressure on your teeth to guide them into optimal alignment.

Benefits of LightForce braces

LightForce™ 3D braces are a wonderful option for all ages because they are:

  • Discreet: LightForce™ brackets are printed to match your tooth colour, so they are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional braces.
  • Completely custom: Because each bracket is optimised for your needs, you can enjoy fewer adjustments, faster treatment times, and a more comfortable fit.
  • Comfortable: LightForce™ brackets are smaller than traditional brackets, so they are easy to adjust to wearing.
  • Versatile: LightForce™ braces can treat even the most complex orthodontic issues in patients of all ages.
Benefits of LightForce™ braces
Learn more about LightForce™ braces

Learn more about LightForce braces

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