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From crooked teeth to bad bites, at Clear Orthodontics our team of specialist orthodontic professionals can achieve straight smiles, no matter what the problem is. 

Here are some of the most common problems we treat for patients.



If your teeth overlap, this condition is known as crowding. Crowding occurs when there isn’t enough room in your mouth for your teeth to sit straight. Rather they are having to fight for space, hence resting on top of each other. A common cause of crowding is a narrow arch which we can fix with Phase One treatment in children and specialist orthodontic appliances in adults. 




If you have wide gaps between your teeth, this is a spacing issue and is the opposite to crowding. It occurs when there is too much room in your mouth for your teeth so they spread out, thus creating gaps between them. Spacing is more than just an aesthetic orthodontic problem, it is also a hygiene problem as food can get stuck between these gaps and could potentially lead to gum disease. 




Ideally, when we bite down on our back molars, our front upper and lower teeth close together. If your upper teeth stick out past your lower teeth this is known as an overbite. Bite problems can cause wear and tear on your teeth and also affect the way you chew food, thus potentially leading to gut and digestive problems. 




The opposite to an overbite, if your lower teeth sit out past your front upper teeth this is known as an underbite. Again, multiple issues can arise from having a malocclusion (bad bite). Over and underbites are common problems and can be easily fixed using a range of orthodontic treatment methods and appliances. If you suffer from either of them, the good news is they can be fixed. 


If you have an orthodontic problem you’re concerned about, book a free consultation with our specialist orthodontists today and we can determine the correct treatment for you.


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